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Collar (neck collar)

Collar (neck collar) of our production is made of neoprene with a thickness of 3.5 mm. Neoprene from the inside is covered with a thick nylon and from the outside is finished with smooth rubber (smoothskin). Joint is done using a two-component glue with hardener in order to strenghten neoprene. Nylon joining is sewn with a blindstich - slanting needle does not pierce the neoprene but sews the on the surface. For this technology neoprene has a compact structure, is resistant to stretching, water does not penetrate the joint.

Additionally, joining is strenghtened with a flexible neoprene glue tape. This prevents, inter alia, mechanical damage of the seam strands. 

Neoprene collar is more durable than latex one, more resistant to mechanical damage, tears, it is also warmer. Latex is quickly "aging" when exposed to heat, direct sunlight and you can see the effect of rubber "sear".

It is recommended to stick the collar into the fabric of dry suit pleated about 25 mm. Use glue that is available in specialist sports shops recommended for neoprene. The excess glue between the collar and the suit should be rolled out using roller in order to remove air bubbles or wrinkles. Polymer glue is getting more mechanically resisted after 24 hours.

The rubber side of the collar is turned inside out towards the neck, as a result the the collar range is widened - from 0.5 cm to 3.5 cm. When measured the neck doesn’t have regular cylinder shape – it is comfort that counts.

Neoprene collar is a perfect solution for dry diving suits, sailing jackets, jumpsuits of emergency services and dungarrres for work in the water. Below there are collar sizes, widths in cm and its kinds of aplications.



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