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Spraydeck Variant

VariantTouring neoprene spraydeck Variant.
Profiled deck made of 3 mm neoprene double lined. The top layer is SD Super Density neoprene called Small Diamond Neoprene. The bottom layer is covered with a latex seal against water leaks.
Also rubber rope stitched to neoprene with latex keeps longlife product.

Spraydeck Gran Turismo GT

Gran turismo GTSpraydeck Gran Turismo GT 3 mm neoprene, glued blindstitched seams, latex seal, 10 mm bungee rope, stretchy 3 D print, Waist waterproof fabric waist tube with velcro adjustment , adjustable elastic braces, zipped pocket.

Spraydeck first

min beskidwarriorFIRSTWe sew tailor-made neoprene spraydecks. We use a flexible neoprene same one is used in the surfing and diving suits, harder one is used in shoes and covers for laptops. We use strands from good European manufacturers, which guarantees a strong joint and the stitch flexibility. For fixing of the apron on the cockpit we use 10 mm thick braided covered band. It seems to be  a permanent and durable solution taking into consideration the kind of evolution one can do in the water wearing this spraydeck.

Spraydeck Escape

minfartuchneoprenescapeSpraydeck Escape. 3mm neoprene. Glued and sew stitches.
Overprint with thick layer of paint, additional protection on the edge of cockpit.

nylon spraydeck tandem VST Velcro

Nylon spraydeck tandem VST Velcro, fits to Vista Perception.
Stitches sealed with tape, spraydeck split in 2 pieces, easy to connect with velcro.
Spraydeck has a strengthen called "implosion bar" - strengthen on a deck to avoid water condensation.

shorts F Trik

miniaturaspodenkiftrikF Trik shorts are made from 3mm neoprene.  Comfortable style no troublesome movements. Flat stitches.
Overprint screen printing with thick elastic paint improving comfort of matching cockpit.
Overprint are made with nontoxic paint no phthalate.

Mac cover kayak

miniaturapokrowiecpolokevlarCover for kayaks from composite carbon/kevlar : K1, K2, K4 , Polo.
Laminated waterproof fabric, inside absorbing impacts foam.


Price: 400PLN

Men short gloves

min rekawiczkikrotkiemeskieNeoprene gloves 2mm thick. Control with velcro on wrist. Inside covered with rubber easier for grip.


Price: 39PLN Available with sizes XS-XXL

Paddle cover

Nylon paddle cover, additional layers of foam to absorb impacts, good protection even for products made from carbon fiber - kevlar. Zipper on whole length of cover, pocket for bits and pieces.


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