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Vacu skirt Hypoxi

New technical solutions for innovative companies VACU

As the most innovative company producing textile equipment for VACU, having modern technical facilities we have recently introduced new solutions based on neoprene and other coated fabrics. Our proposals were warmly welcomed by the European market but due to IPR restrictions we can not fully present the details of the offer.

We make sealing aprons, also called belts or neoprene dresses, for underpressure treatments on VACU machines ( Vaku, Waku in everyday language ). Our products are in the supply of VACU Hypoxi

Textile - neopren flex

Belts are made of neoprene flex, the same kind of textiles is used in the production of outfits for water sports. Along with popularization of the production and gas-stripping of flexible foams, foams were first used in pieces such as the underarms, crotch and knees. Nowadays outfits with bigger pieces of flexible neoprene are produced. Some clothes are fully made of flexible neoprene – their price is higher.  Our motto is "as much as possible for as little as possible" so that value for money is very attractive to the customer. At the very beginning we produced belts, like the other suppliers, made of the average belt rigid / flexible neoprene in the technology that began in the 60s of the last century. After discerning customer needs presented in the VACU study we bought a super-modern technology to join neoprene and signed a long-term contract for the purchase of neoprene from the factory whose the raw materials had built such powers as the NeilPryde, Oneil, MauiMagic, Mystic, Body Glove, Quicksilver, and many others.



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