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Choose your suit

Ask yourself how you would use the suit. What kind of water sport you want to do - windsurfing, kite surfing, scuba diving, wake boarding, water scootering, swimming? In what weather conditions in what temperature range? If you are not sure what suit would fit you best - contact your supplier of sports outfits, go to sports shop, contact people running surfing/ diving schools or those that are already on an advanced stage of doing the sport. You will get a lot of useful advice, avoid beginners mistakes (particulatly when it comes to foams) and you will see a lot of kindness from the part of the sport enthusiasts. Hobby is always a remedy for the hardships of everyday life.

Suits are of various designs, different cutting styles and kinds of foam. There are different techniques of sewing and covering the surface.

Wet suit will not protect you tightly against water. A small amount water can get through  the seams’ joints, zippers, collar and trimings of legs and sleeves. The body temperature warms up this small amount of water that will flow between the clothes and the athlete skin. It takes from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the design, material, temperature and the type of reaction of your body of the water.




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