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Maintenance and storage

To extend the period of usage of the neoprene suit it is recommended to: - Try to avoid direct sunlight, especially during the drying - Do not use (hair) dryers or other devices to accelerate the evaporation of water, heaters, radiators

  • wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Especially recommended for schools of surfing, diving where the foam's often changed. Proven effective is feminine intimate wash, alkaline reaction effectively removes sweat and the remains of the epidermis from the fabric of neoprene.
  • Do not use strong detergents or dry-clean, there is a serious risk of quicker aging of neoprene
  • rinse after the use in salt water in order to remove contaminants
  • the outfit should be stored in a dark room, on a hanger widely spaced, so that its weight will not cause stretch or cracks of neoprene on shoulders on the thin hanger.
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects, when putting on use the help of another person, especially when pulling up of sleeves and legs by someone with long nails/ tips
  • The zipper in neoprene outfit should never be zipped up when dirty (algae, sand etc.)
  • one should choose outfits with ankle’s zipper; during the lifetime of a zipper it should be rubbed with wax to make it easy to operate in different temperatures
  • when storing folded outfit in a closet on the shelf it should be laid in a way that zipper is placed outside the roller
Fitness clubs use antibacterial wipes to wash the inside of the belt after VACU treatments. This is an excellent and proven practice but it's good every now and again to, for example, wash and rinse suits as described above.



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