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Stormm Ride

We started our adventure with the neoprene business in 2003.

The need for active recreation after years of intense work in a corporation created an opportunity. You can dive and paddle board during your vacation and you don’t have to wear a used wetsuit from a water equipment rental company.
The modest import of the first neoprene suits was a new experience.
Trips to Asia and meetings in factories scattered in many places in China and Taiwan meant that we expanded our portfolio with new products. Over time, we discovered that we needed a service for neoprene suits and the adventure with developing the technology began.

It continues to this day and we have had our successes in this field. In this part of Europe, we have the best-equipped production line with the widest range of handling various types of neoprene. From super thin, flexible to the thickest, hard varieties with various finishes from Kevlar, Aramid, through nylons, polyesters to Lycra.

Among many development paths, we chose organic growth. We were and are focused on building long-term relationships with customers, quality rather than quantity has always been more important.

It’s a family business.

The older generation paved the way and learned the market, without the possibility of copying technical solutions from companies in Europe.

Husband and wife – a combination of skills in sewing technology and clothing construction, tailoring technology, and organizational skills, searching for supplies of raw materials, technologies, machines on other continents and building long-term relationships with customers in Europe and beyond the continent.

The younger generation brought a fresh perspective, openness to modernizing production, packaging, reporting on company activities in social media, and high-tech IT tools.

The currently presented offer is the result of many years of experience from EU markets, where we developed sales and distribution in an „analog” way.

We invite you to cooperate.