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Profiled deck made of double-laminated 3 mm thick neoprene. The top layer is SD Super Density neoprene called Small Diamond Neoprene. The bottom layer is covered with a latex seal that protects against water leakage.
Also, bungee rubber sewn to neoprene with latex ensures long product life.

The 10 mm thick round rubber grips the edges of the cockpit well, and the front skid steer helps with (emergency) exit.
The rubber strap can be attached in four small loops, including: for attaching a map.

Two versions of tube finishing (tube, belt):
Sleek is a soft, warm fabric covered with a polyurethane „rubber” layer on the outside.
PLS HD is a waterproof fabric woven from thick fibers, laminated, very resistant to difficult conditions of use.

The belt can be easily adjusted in width using Velcro fasteners.
L is suitable for cockpits with a length of 83-86 cm
XL is suitable for cockpits with a length of 88-94 cm

Fartuch Variant Sleek
Fartuch Variant PLS HD