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S.C.S is a very unique material which by special processing is applied as a coating / layer over the surface of independent closed cell polychloroprene. The micelle structure on the rubber surface repels water when in contact with air, and reduces the surface resistance when in contact with water. The coefficient of surface resistance is under 1/10 of conventional smoothskin in the dry and 1/100 in the wet. This super low resistance of S.C.S. gives marine suits many functional advantages. S.C.S. is an extremely revolutionary material which now allows the development of a new type of concept in marine suits.

Increased Speed ! (Efficiency when S.C.S is used outside garment) Super low resistance of S.C.S. in the water makes it possible to dive / swim much faster. S.C.S. allows the need of divers, triathletes and swimmers to be archieved, that is „Faster Speed”.

Light Weight >> S.C.S. does not absorb water.

High Stretchability >> S.C.S. provides comfort and extra freedom of movement

High Heat Insulation >> S.C.S. keeps the body warmer decreasing body fatigue.

High Durability >> S.C.S. is very durable and abrasion resistant.

Yamamoto neoprene.