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210 CM - VACU MOVE, STEP, SHAPE, ERWIN, JET, FLEXA circumference

New technical solutions for innovative VACU companies

As the most innovative company producing textile equipment for VACU, with modern technical facilities, we have recently introduced new solutions based on neoprene and other coated fabrics. Our proposals were warmly welcomed on the European market, but due to patent restrictions, we cannot fully present the details of the offer.

We produce sealing skirts, also known as neoprene belts or dresses, for negative pressure treatments on VACU machines (Vaku, Waku in colloquial language). Our products are included in VACU WELL, VACU ACTIV, VACU POWER, VACU FITNESS, VACU SHAPE, VACU WELL SYSTEM, VACU LINE, VACU STEP, VACU FIT, VACU WALK, VACU MOVE, VACU MAGIC, VACU ELITE, VACU EXCELLENCE, VACU FLEXA .

Material – flex neoprene.

The belts are made of flex neoprene, the same type of fabric is used in the production of water sports suits. With the popularization of the production and foaming of flexible foams, they were first used in elements such as armpits, crotch and knees. Nowadays, suits are produced with larger elements made of flexible neoprene, and entire suits made of flex neoprene are available, but of course they also have a different, higher price. Our motto is „as much as possible for as little as possible”, so that the quality-price ratio is very attractive for the customer. At the beginning, we produced belts, like other belt suppliers, from averagely stiff/flexible neoprene using a technology initiated in the 1960s. After assessing the needs of the VACU studios, we purchased a state-of-the-art technology for overlapping neoprene, and signed a long-term contract for the purchase of neoprene from the factory whose raw materials were used to build such powerhouses as NeilPryde, Oneil, MauiMagic, Mystic, Body Glove, Quicksilver, and many others.