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Cooperation – Radinn Accessory Bag

Radinn Accessory Bag

We usually do not publish information about cooperation with other companies when we are focused on the production of a special neoprene product. It starts with a concept and the first product appears, a pattern which, after the design process and functional arrangements, goes through the stage of commercialization and mass production. Now one exception.

Radinn Accessory Bag Inside

We present an accessories bag for RADINN.COM (Radian AB 21120 Malmo Grimsbygatan 24 Sweden) Radinn Accessory bag G3 140033AAR01 EAN 5904441370003 In total, in the period 2019 – 2022. we produced a few thousand pieces. Designed to hold technical documentation, user manual, accessories, a service tool for cleaning the nozzle, and a leash connecting the board to the surfer’s calf. The manufacturing technology included clever solutions for connecting neoprene so that, for example, the corners of the bag were profiled and maintained their shape. The whole thing perfectly matched the high-tech Radinn product – a surfboard with an electric drive.

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